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Help in Vietnam

Approximately 5 million people live with a disability in Vietnam. In its poorest province, Quang Binh, there are already 40,000 persons with disabilities (PWDs).

As such, it is important that there are organizations empowering Vietnamese PWDs. The Association for Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities (AEPD) has been doing so since May 2010 for those who have sustained injuries during the Vietnam War (November 1, 1955 – April 30, 1975). It employed the survivors as its peer-outreach workers, hosted training workshops, partnered with local health clinics, assisted self-help groups, provided economic opportunity activities, and led advocacy action in the country.

The Hanoi Disabled People Association (DP Hanoi), on the other hand, is open to Vietnameses from any background, ethnicity, religion, gender, social status, and cause of disabilities. It is a social organization for those who are willing to participate in any activities of the disabled and for the disabled.

The number of DPOs in Hanoi is 26; there is a DP in Chuong My and another in Ung Hoa. It has organized a workshop to (1) increase the advocacy effectiveness of DP Hanoi and its member organizations in developing, advocating and monitoring the policies, (2) assist to protect the equality rights of PWDs, and (3) focus on how laws for PWDs should be implemented.

There is also the Vietnam Blind Association in this country with projects related to healthcare, social affairs and employment that could benefit the blind. There is the Nguyen Dinh Chieu that provides visually impaired students with many extra classes for practical skills in music, physiotherapy, and computer.

The Training and Adaptability Center for Blind Adults was established in 1994 to train blind Vietnameses some skills on management, teaching, English language, computer, and massage. The Blind Association has trained blind Vietnameses to work as masseurs, making them self-sufficient and thus building their self-confidence.

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Video taken from the YouTube Channel of Jimmy Tieu