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Bahay Mapagmahal

A “loving home” in English, Bahay Mapagmahal is a dormitory for  crippled children located at the back of the Philippine Orthopedic Center (POC). It was established in 1973 and currently houses 22 persons with disabilities (PWDs).

These PWDs were able to study elementary and high school at the National Orthopedic Hospital School for Crippled Children (NOH-SSC) for free. They were also able to learn how to play musical instruments at parties, hotels, and concerts. They had actually formed a group that enabled Bahay Mapagmahal to extend the assistance given to them to bless other PWDs.

Dubbed “Rondalla on Wheels,” the group had generated funds for the Caring Hands to Inspire and Link with Differently Abled Children (CHILD), a project of the Great Physician Rehabilitation Foundation, Inc. (GPRehab). Rondalla on Wheels was established by Sr. Roos Catry, ICM, a Belgian missionary, and Prof. Antonio Tallada, a former band officer of the University of the Philippines (UP) in 1978 .

As of now, Bahay Mapagmahal can no longer accommodate PWDs because of limited space. It is still maintained, however, by the Philippine Society for Crippled Children, Inc. (PSCC), Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO), Philippine Orthopedic Hospital (POC), and some civic-minded residents of Quezon City.

“They were able to raise the awareness of the community about the capabilities of persons with disabilities like them. One great lesson that the group was able to permeate to the public was the realization that even if they may have some physical disability, they are imbued with hope and enthusiasm, not to mention the joy they radiate within and among themselves.” ~Cecile Genove

Video taken from the YouTube Channel of Mr1988000