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Murray Feingold: the doctor-hero

In his death, Dr. Murray Feingold was remembered for his compassion, good humor and visionary approach to health care.

Feingold was a pediatrician who specialized in genetic disorders. He had been the chief of the division of ambulatory services and chief of genetics and birth defects at Boston Floating Hospital for Children, as well as the director of genetics at Franciscan Children’s Hospital and Rehabilitation Center. He also had served as a faculty member of the Tufts University School of Medicine, Harvard Medical School, and Boston University School of Medicine.

But it was not these accomplishments that gained him fame in the medical community. He was the one who discovered the Feingold syndrome, a rare genetic disorder often characterized by abnormalities of the fingers and toes and gastrointestinal blockage.

It was also Feingold who founded the Genesis Foundation for Children (originally named the Genesis Fund) in 1982. It started to provide funding then for the diagnosis, clinical care, education, and enrichment services of children born with genetic disorders and disabilities through The Feingold Center for Children.

Aside from these, Feingold was able to “throw on a clown nose,” “whip out a deck of playing cards,” and “bring a smile to the faces of his tiny patients.” He had hosted “Medical Minute,” a daily medical feature aired on the WBZ-AM.

“He was just one of the nicest, best people that you would ever know. When you talk about Murray, he was never one of those doctors who waved his medical degree in front of your face. He’d always stop to take your questions if you had an ache or pain. You knew he was interested in whatever was bothering you.” ~ Dan Rea

Video taken from the YouTube Channel of the Genesis Foundation