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Developmental Pathways

To assist people of all ages with developmental disabilities in Arapahoe and Douglas is what the Developmental Pathways does.

This non-profit agency in Colorado lives by the principle that ‘full inclusion in community life is attainable for every individual with a developmental disability.’ It started as an alternative to the institutionalized care that families with members that have developmental disabilities were then receiving.

Today, from a community training and services center founded by 21 concerned families in Douglas in 1964, the Developmental Pathways is continuously helping people with developmental disabilities including the latter’s entire family. It has an annual budget of $44 million, $1.4 million of which are from organization’s fund raising.

The Developmental Pathways is currently directed by Melanie Worley. She also served as the commissioner of Douglas County from 1999 to 2009. One of its teams, the early intervention team, is guided, meanwhile, by Kent Dyson and Rachelle Stoddard.

“They said institutional living is not acceptable, and living in the community is as acceptable for those who are developmentally disabled as it is for everyone else.” ~ Melanie Worley