Turning Five!

What persons with disabilities (PWDs) in the Philippines need now is a chance for education.

I didn’t realize that when I started this blog on this day five years ago; I just wanted to do something for my kind then. It helped that I get to “write” in the process — the only ability my second brain operation had left me able to do.

Writing in the blog wasn’t even my priority until a month after. Only then have I decided to write in the blog religiously, attach illustrations, and create a Facebook page about it.

I also thought of having a “theme” every day: a “PWD-friendly Sites,” which will be about a place that is a haven for PWDs that I would write for every Sunday; a “PWD Thoughts,” which will be about my opinions on certain issues involving PWDs that I would write for every Monday; a “PWD Orgs,” which will be about a group that caters to PWDs that I would write for every Tuesday; a “PWD Profiles,” which will be about a particular PWD that I would write for every Wednesday; and a “PWD-tech,” which will be about the latest innovations that could assist PWDs in their everyday lives that I would write for every Thursday.

I would also keep The PWD Forum more current by checking the news first. That’s when I would decide what I would write about in relation to my “themes.” If it happens that I wouldn’t be able to finish on the topic I have taken myself to do on a specific day though, I would keep at it till it is complete. (Example: If I am writing about a PWD organization and it is still unfinished, instead of waiting for its schedule, I will continue writing about it even though the next day isn’t its schedule anymore.)

Also, if there is no prominent PWD in the country I’m featuring, I will also just talk about a “normal” person prominent in the PWD community of that country. But if those that I’ve written to wouldn’t reply in the coming week, I will shift to the next topic.

I will also write about every PWD organization in the country I’m featuring; schedule my posts regarding a specific country every first Friday of a month so I could have more time to write on “PWD Thoughts”; take note of the personalities in the Philippines involved in  disability issues; consolidate in just one article my report on a country (I would write about a country, about a resident of that country, what disability is being addressed, and about a technology that exists to address the common cause of disability there in just one post); delete the tabs “PWD Sites,” “PWD Profiles,” “PWD Orgs,” “PWD-TECH,” and “PWD Thoughts”; send the posts from September 2017 to the respective countries’ education department; and edit the statement in the “About” section.

I changed “Video from the YouTube Channel of the _ ” to “Video taken from the YouTube Channel of the _ “, drafted a request for picture and/or comment to the posts, and looked into the settings of The PWD Forum again. I  also began to post my writings for the day in the blog’s Facebook page along with the hashtag: #writingforthegloryofGod.

But the schedule I thought of didn’t work as smoothly as I had hoped it to be even a year has already passed. I think it’s because of the other things that I won’t give up like my writing for the GMA News Online. I see it as an opportunity for me to write and help at the same time, particularly the Filipino  musicians in the UAE.

I also have finally realized that what the PWDs in the Philippines need now is a chance for education — something that Education Secretary Leonor Briones has already ordered her department to do in January 26, 2018. It’s for the PWDs now to see this opportunity as well as for the government and other stakeholders.

“Education is not just about going to school and getting a degree. It’s about widening your knowledge and absorbing the truth about life.” ~ Shakuntala Devi

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