The ‘Impact Challenge’

A total of $20 million will be offered to nonprofit organizations with projects that increase independence of persons with disabilities (PWDs)!

The grants will be donated by the The first will amount to $600,000 for the Enable Community Foundation, a global community that has started from giving a prosthetic hand device to a small child in South Africa. With the money, e-NABLE will be able to give 3D-printed, upper-limb prosthetics to more PWDs!

The second, on the other hand, will be $500,000 for the World Wide Hearing, a non-profit organization that provides affordable hearing aids to PWDs—particularly the children and youth—in developing countries. It plans to use a low-cost smartphone tool to diagnose hearing loss in low-income communities around the world.

It is not the first time Google has involved itself in charitable projects aimed to develop technology for PWDs. Recently, it has invented “Liftware” utensils and other eating and kitchen devices for PWDs with tremors or Parkinson’s. It has also composed an accessibility engineering team that designed a Chrome extension to improve the online experience of people who are color-blind; and another one to disable animation.

“Historically, people living with disabilities have relied on technologies that were often bulky, expensive, and limited to assisting with one or two specific tasks. But that’s beginning to change,” ~ Jacquelline Fuller

Video taken from the YouTube Channel of Google UK


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