Peoria has just been awarded the Hon. John R. Sticht Excellence in Disabilities Accessibility Award!

Peoria is one of the largest 150 cities in the United States of America. Based in the survey of the WalletHub last year, Peoria is the most suitable place for a disabled person to live and work in Arizona and the second in the entire state.

The city has just renovated its baseball stadium so that every person with disability (PWD) in the vicinity can ‘facilitate greater access to seating, restrooms, the field, vendors, and other amenities’. The stadium has more than 200 wheelchair seats available and a wide ramp.

In 2011, the Peoria Municipal Court had been expanded and reconstructed to allow accessible parking, variable height counters for city clerks, push button building access, and appropriately labeled and designed handrails, ramps and workstations. Inside the courtroom, each workstation as well as the juror seating area is accessible.

“The City of Peoria is a diverse city, respecting all of the needs of our citizens,” said Carl Swenson, the city manager. “Besides our efforts to be as sustainable as possible when constructing city facilities, we do our best to go beyond what is required to meet the needs for those with disabilities.”

“This award is an honor for us. Before each project we design, we first think about how best to meet the needs of all residents. This award is validation that we are thinking and doing the right things.” ~ Ed Striffler

Video taken from the YouTube Channel of Unravel Travel TV


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