Kaltham Obaid Bakheet: the infirmed filmmaker

Having had a car accident while driving back from Dibba, Oman in 1990, Kaltham Obaid Bakheet has made a video about the rehabilitation programmes offered in the United Arab Emirates that has helped her become a government employee for the Ministry of Health today.

The accident has been ‘a turning point in her life’ and it had made Bakheet realize the ‘long journey’ ahead of her. The short film also highlighted the importance of education and family values in society development as well as in how the road to success begins with one’s inner faith.

Recently, Bakheet has founded the Handicapped Guardians Association in Sharjah as well as the Association of Empowering Women with Disabilities in the UAE. She is also first deputy chairman of Al Thiqah Club for Handicapped, a city government office in Sharjah.

“No matter what the circumstances are, the journey to success starts with self-belief that I can accomplish any task. In spite of the ordeal I went through I still have a lot to do. I studied hard and accomplished a lot.” ~ Kaltham Obaid Bakheet

Video taken from the YouTube Channel of the UAE Gov

Photo courtesy of the Khaleej Times

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