It has been on the news recently: some residents in Washington resorts to fraud to be able to park easily and for free.

Should the authorities be blamed for not being able to curb the deception? An official report in 2012 have had identified 10 blocks where 40%-91% of parked cars had disability placards when the District’s Office of the Inspector General also documented 14 cases of city employees abusing them.

Or should the residents be censured for forging disability-parking license plates? The Department of Public Works cited that in 2001, more than 29% of the metered spaces were taken by people parking all day with a “handicap designation,” four times the national rate of people with ambulatory disabilities.

Is this how driving in Washington really is for persons with disabilities (PWDs)?

“We call upon people of good will to reexamine their attitudes toward their brothers and sisters with disabilities and promote their well-being, acting with the sense of justice and the compassion the Lord so clearly desires.” ~U.S. Catholic Bishops on Persons with Disabilities

Video taken from the YouTube Channel of the Government Law


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