Bahay Biyaya Student Hostel

There’s a place where persons with disabilities (PWDs) in the Philippines can stay when pursuing high school and college.

Within the 35-hectare commercial estate of the Araneta’s is the Bahay Biyaya Student Hostel. It lodges physically handicapped students studying in the different colleges and universities in Manila and Quezon City. There are 20-30 PWDs there currently endorsed by the parish priest in the locality where they are from.

They could also be recommended by missionary priests and nuns. High school students must maintain a grade of 80%, while college students must keep up a 2.5.

Bahay Biyaya Student Hostel only accommodates PWDs who are independent enough to clean their own bedrooms and bathrooms. The latter are given specific assignments in its kitchen and dining areas. Qualified theologians would conduct a “Bibliarasal” once a week with them and they could go out on excursions and picnics occasionally.

“A barrier-free environment should be introduced everywhere.” ~Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin

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